Marek Oravec

Bachelor Thesis: Ice Hockey Simulation

Team sports simulation using artificial intelligence is a topic of my bachelor thesis. It was developed in 2012/2013, when I studied Computer Science bachelor program on Comenius University at Bratislava. Thesis focuses on design and implementotation of system simulating ice hockey players behavior.

Simulation was developed in Objective-C for platform iOS (iPad).

Platform: iOS (iPad)

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Bachelor thesis discuss about design and implementation of system simulating ice hockey players behavior. Thesis introduces players as agents in multiagent system. Decision making process consist of combination of decision trees and methods of utility theory. Pathfinding is implemented with technique of pathfinding on polygonal mesh, using A* and Funnel algorithms. Heat maps are used for heuristics. Final mobile application enables watching the game in real time with simple 2D view. Thesis also consists rosters with all attributes, which influence quality of player's behavior during the game.

Photo of 2D view on simulation the iPad